Write a c program that generates all perfect numbers between 1 and 1000

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C Program to Print all Perfect Numbers Between 1 to N

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Manufacturer of flying cars courtesy of Tim Draper.C program to print perfect numbers from 1 to #include int main(){ 1. Write a c program to check given number is perfect number or not.

2. Write a c program to check given number is Armstrong number or not. Write a c program to generate multiplication table. Write a c program to get factorial of given number. Write. What about returning from main()?. Semantically, returning from main is as if the program called exit (found in in C++ and in C) with the same value that was specified in the return statement.

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perfect numbers from and its factors. 0. I'm writing a program for C++ and I must be missing something. The program doesn't display the perfect numbers and always gets hung-up one the two red sections.

Generate Different random numbers from 1 to - 2 replies. I need help in writing a program that will generate random numbers between 0 and The out put needs to be displayed in a windows message box. i'm stuck as to what code I have use to get the numbers in the box and to only have random numbers.

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Write a c program that generates all perfect numbers between 1 and 1000
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