Pros and cons of texting and driving

The Pros and Cons of Teens on Social Media

They also help us reach others anywhere. Data reports are available to parents and companies who subscribe to the service.

Pros and Cons of texting while driving?

Many of the students surveyed stated that cheating via text message was not worth the trouble, and that is was too easy to get caught. Texting while driving killed 16, in a six-year period: It only enables you to register your phone online for the 1-year limited warranty.

Whatever the cure, we need to find it quickly before more of people lose their lives because of this distracting technology. Do you text message or instant message or both? Thirty students responded that they both texted and instant messaged.

A child on a sidewalk completely engrossed in their phone is not likely to develop these crucial navigation skills and end up starring in an embarrassing online viral video or worse. We all are aware of the dangers of driving distracted; it is attributed to causing over 3, deaths in It would be too much of Pros and cons of texting and driving logistical nightmare.

Of those states, most have primary enforcement of the law, but five do not. Texting behind the wheel is even riskier than we thought: This means anyone can reach everyone through texting. A study that recently appeared in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that sending HIV patients weekly text messages to remind them to take medicine and to ask them how they are doing can help them stick to their antiretroviral therapy treatment plans.

The best ones we've seen are the built-in systems from the car manufacturers that include steering wheel controls and large displays for previous calls. The Nielsen Company looked at monthly cell phone bills of 60, users in the U.

There are compatibility issues as most solutions work with Android and Blackberry, but not iPhone, and only on Internet-ready phones. The text messages they send per month, on average, is more than twice the amount sent by Asian-Americans, who send an average of per month.

It made our life easy, without any stress of not knowing any information right way,that saves money and time.

Pros and Cons of texting

In my opinion, the benefits are not worth the cost of the distractions. They estimated that in alone, 5, people died as a result of drivers distracted by texting. These devices enable messages to be read aloud and drivers can speak responses with an additional app.

While it is plain to see that texting technology has its share of negative effects, not all aspects of texting are negative. Fewer Mood Changes Moody teenagers may not have depression or other psychological disorders.

A study from the University of Minnesota confirmed that later school start times can have a positive effect on academic performance.

Kids should learn to watch where they are going at all times. Is the benefit of the technology worth the distraction? Nothing I do stops the behavior — taking the phone just delays their habit.

It seemed as though my age reached double digits before I was allowed to use a crosswalk by myself when going across a local busy intersection. Students are integrating the abbreviations that are used in texting or instant messaging into their school work.

Soon enough they will make sure that they are paying attention to the roads, even when they are not with you. As an educator, I see the problems that cell phones create on a daily basis. Researchers believe that a lack of sleep alters hormone levels and puts additional stress on the body. There are a number of apps and products available to help drivers stop cell phone use.

Texting has become a major means of communication. Feedback can help improve inexperienced driver skills. InAmy Wolfson, Ph. See our special section on distracted driving.

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Texting while driving is a serious issue that is causing accidents and deaths. Other issues that texting has created are cheating during tests, distractions and disruptions during class time, as well as having the potential for spreading community rumors.

Please, Don’t Ban Texting While Driving! Responsible texting can be safe. Reading a text message is probably more dangerous than sending one, as seasoned text pros can compose messages without even looking at their phones.

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Click to. The only pro to texting while driving is that a message can be sent immediately rather than waiting; however, there are numerous cons to texting while driving including the fact that it is illegal and that it often causes lethal accidents.

Pros and cons of texting and driving
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